Friday, July 8, 2011

Crabby Card

 This was a very fun pop up card to make, and very easy.  I found the template online of where to fold and score but I can't find the website again. So at the bottom I made my own little guide for you to follow and make one for yourself. 

This are the details for this card

Sun: Just Because Cards 3" Tall
Crab: Create a Critter 2.5" Tall
Bucket & Shovel: Life is a Beach 2.5" Tall
Sandcastle: Life is a beac 2.5" Tall
For the sand I used the same brown paper I used for the sand castle and distressed the edge.

This is the side view so you can see how it stands and pops up

And here is the guide to help you make your own. The white line is the only cut line.

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