Monday, July 18, 2011

Wedding People

Little Wedding people :)  At least that's what they remind me of.  I made these using the Tie the Knot Cartridge. 

For the Bride: She is made at 11.5 inches. (That is as large as you can make it on a 12 x 12).  Then I cut the Extra piece at the 10.5 for the red.  Then lots of scoring and folding it fold in on it's self and creates a little box in the bottom that you could put treats for a Bridal shower in or what ever else you could imagine.  The space is not very big.  This would also be cute for a table decoration at the reception.  I tied the ribbon around the waist because it has no way of holding it's self together.

For the Groom he is 11 1/4 (That is as large as you can make it on a 12 x 12).  Then the extra piece the same.  This one has a lot of scoring and a lot of folding and flaps that fold into slots so it holds together very well.  If you don't have a scoring tool I recommend that you get one this has a lot of scoring and folding.  The shirt just slips in.  This has a larger holding area you could put a gift card in it and give it as a card or money in it.

Happy Creating

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